Friday, 27 December 2013

Coffee - My favourite beverage of all time :)

 Reasons why coffee is good for you :

1.Coffee can make you smarter -Coffee contains an active ingredient called caffeine which is a CNS stimulant .It increases the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine thus resulting in net stimulant effect. Coffee not only keeps your awake but also enhances your brain function.
2.Coffee can make you feel happier- Coffee is loaded with nutrients and anti -oxidants . It isnt just black water , in fact coffee is the biggest source of anti-oxidants in the western world. Coffee acts as an anti-depressant , making you feel less depressed , compared to those who dont include coffee in their diet.It has also been linked to lower levels of suicide.

3.Coffee may lower your risk of Alzheimer's-Coffee not only makes you smarter but also have a protective effect on brain in old age. Alzheimer's is a major cause leading to dementia ,a neurodegenerative disorder. Drinking coffee lowers the risk of Alzheimer's in 50% cases.

4.Coffee is good for your liver- Coffee helps to lower alcoholic cirrhosis which is an autoimmune disorder of liver which may lead to hepatic damage and liver cancer.It also helps prevent people from fatty liver disease .