Thursday, 30 January 2014

Ooey gooey chocolate cake !

This is an easy and quick way to make the yummiest chocolate cake ... and its gooey ! 

Serves 10 people . 
Prep time - 45 min

2.Brown sugar - 320 gm 
3.All purpose flour - 100 gm
4.Unsalted butter- 200 gm
5.Unsweetened cocoa powder - 190 gm (i used hersheys cocoa powder...thats the best cocoa powder!)
6.Vanilla essence - 1 tbsp 
7.baking soda - 1/2 tsp 

1.Pre heat the oven at 250 degrees .
2.In a sauce pan melt the butter on low flame and add half of the cocoa powder and stir it until you get a smooth paste. Cool it and keep it aside.
3. Separate the egg whites and yolk and place them on two separate bowls .
4.Whisk the egg whites till you get soft peaks and add 100gm (out of 300gm ) of the brown sugar and keep it aside.
5.In an other bowl whisk the egg yolk and the 200gm of (remaining sugar) the brown sugar.
6.Pour the cocoa butter mixture into the egg yolk mixture and blend the mixture until you get a smooth texture.
7. Add the egg white mixture to the above mixture and blend the mixture.
8. Add the remaining cocoa powder and the all purpose flour 
9.Add the vanilla essence and baking soda .
10. You will get a thick mixture at the end .
11.Pour the batter into a baking pan  and place it in a larger roasting pan containing water and bake for 35 minutes at 220 degrees .
12. When you cake becomes wobbly in the centre , it is ready ! 
13. Serve while its hot with a scoop of ice cream ! 

So i had some batter left over and i baked some cupcakes and decorated them with my yummy butter cream frosting ! 
 The recipe for my buttercream frosting 
1.Unsalted butter (softened)- 100gm 
2.Unsweetened cocoa powder- 50 gm
3.Icing sugar- 100 gm
4.Hot milk- 2 tbsp
5.Vanilla essence- 1/2 tsp 

1. Mix the butter and cocoa first.
2. Now add the milk to make the mixture runny.
3. Add the icing sugar and the vanilla essence.
4.Beat the mixture till you get a creamy texture.