Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Elvis Presley's favourite pound cake !!

Prep time- 30 min
Cook time-45 min-1 hr 
Serves- 15 

1.Unsalted butter-1 cup
2.All purpose flour-2 2/3 cup minus 1 tbsp
3.Corn starch- 1/3 cup plus 1 tbsp
4.Eggs-7 (large)
5.Sugar-3 cups
6.Salt - 1 tsp
7.Heavy cream - 1 cup
8.Vanilla extract- 1 tbsp

1.Sift all the dry ingredients thrice , making sure the mixture doesn't have any lumps.Keep aside.
2.In a large bowl , cream together the butter and sugar till light and fluffy , i.e, for 10 min on high speed.
3.Add the eggs one by one mixing until just incorporated.Add the vanilla.
4.Alternate the cream and the dry ingredients making sure that you start and end with the dry ingredients.
5.Mix for another 1 minute.
6.Pour the batter into a bundt pan and bake in a preheated oven at 150c for 45 min or until the cake turns golden brown.
7.The cake can be stored upto a week.

Upside down banana cake

Prep time - 15 min
Cook time- 35 min
Serves- 8 

For the topping 
1.Bananas - 2 (sliced)
2.Unsalted butter- 1/3 cup(melted)
3.Brown sugar- 3/4 cup

For the cake
1.Banana- 1 (mashed)
2.Vegetable oil- 1/4 cup
4.Sugar-1/2 cup
5.Yoghurt-1/3 cup
6.Vanilla extract- 1 tsp
7.All purpose flour-1 cup
8.Baking powder-2 tsp

1.In a springform pan , pour in the melted butter (make sure that the sides of the pan are coated with butter too).

2.Sprinkle the sugar over the butter until equally distributed, and place the sliced bananas over the sprinkled sugar. Keep aside.
3.In a separate bowl, beat the oil and sugar until the sugar partially gets dissolved.

4.Then add the egg and vanilla and beat for another 30 sec
5.Add in the banana.

6.Alternate the yoghurt and all purpose flour making sure not to over mix.
7.Finally add in the baking powder and beat for another minute.

8.Pour the mixture into the pan containing the sliced bananas and bake for 35 min in a preheated oven at 180 c .

 9.Serve hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream .